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Horse Shows

HMCE Team Goals

    Team members will compete in hunter/jumper shows, on the flat and over fences. Students interested in showing will start with local level schooling shows. Students will have the opportunity to work up to the "rated" regional, state, and national level competitions.

    Team members will develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of horsemanship.

    Riders will learn to be good teammates, not only with their horse, but with the other riders on the show team. Good sportsmanship is always a team goal!

    Riders will learn that it's not all about the ribbons. Winning on show day or not, valuable lessons are learned. As long as you tried your best, the show was a success!

    Team members will maintain the support of their parents and their coach through a respectful attitude, by obtaining good grades, and demonstration of responsibility toward daily chores.


What is expected at shows

The Night Before:

    Show Team members are expected to help with cleaning and preparing horses and tack prior to each show. Team members usually gather the night before a show to get everything ready, including washing horses, cleaning tack and storing everything that is needed in the trailers. Shows start bright and early most days, and excitement and nerves can run high. Preparation, cleanliness and organization are key to having a successful show day!

The Day Of:

    On the big day, Show Team members should arrive early so they can help with the tacking of horses and have time to practice beforehand. We will inform all team members of the specific arrival times and locations prior to each show.

    Upon arrival, Show Team members should be fully dressed but also be prepared for inclement weather, muddy conditions, high heat, etc., depending on the season. Many families bring chairs, coolers with drinks and snacks, diaper wipes or towels to clean boots, blankets, bug spray, sunscreen and lots of water!


Horse shows allow riders to grow in a way that is just not capable with lessons alone. We strive to give our riders every opportunity we can. At shows, riders develop strong comradery and support for their fellow riders.


We are preparing to resume the HMC Equestrian Show Team schedule in the winter! Please keep an eye out for the show list.

Who can sign up?

    We welcome students who are interested in riding at a competitive level to talk with us about their goals and the possibility of joining the HMC Equestrian Show Team!

    Show Team members do not need to own or lease their horse in order to participate!

    Space is limited for each show, and registration will be open to Show Team members on a first-come, first-served. We will likely have multiple riders per horse. Shows can limit how horses cross enter classes. Due to this, please be aware that some participants will not be able to register for all of the divisions in which they would like to compete, if they are using a horse owned by HMC Equestrian. Typically, participants will compete in one division per show, and each division consists of three classes. If space and horses are available, participants may be able to compete in more divisions, but that is not guaranteed.

What is the cost?

    Each participant will pay $150 per show directly to HMC Equestrian. This fee is for personalized instruction at the show, use of our horses and trailering of horses to and from the show. There is no reduction in price if you use your personal or leased horse.

    Participants will also pay money directly to the show organizer for each class in which the participant competes; HMC Equestrian does not get involved with the payment of these show fees nor the individual class registrations of participants. Show organizers will list these fees and class requirements on their websites ahead of time. Some shows require prior registration, and some allow day-of registration.

    We will work with Show Team members ahead of time to ensure everyone registers and pays for the correct classes, but participants will be responsible for their own registrations and payments of show fees.

    Show Team members are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the show.

What to wear?

Regular Season Show Clothing (fall/winter/spring):

  • Black or navy blue hunter show jacket
  • Girls: Long-sleeved show shirt with a collar
  • Boys: Long-sleeved show shirt with a collar and tie
  • Black or brown belt
  • Black leather gloves
  • Helmet (ATSM and SEI Certified): black or covered by black velvet helmet cover

If Participant is 12 Years or Younger:

  • Tan jodhpurs with elastic stirrups at feet
  • Black or brown garters (go on the outside of pants around leg just below knee)
  • Girls: Hair pulled back into two braids tied with bows on the ends of each braid

If Participant is 12 Years or Older:

  • Tan breeches
  • Black tall show boots (buy early and break in before show!)
  • Girls: Hair pulled back into bun at nape of neck and secured with hair net bow or pulled on top of head with hair tie and then covered by full coverage hair net that matches hair color (hair net will go over entire head before putting on helmet).

Summer Season Show Clothing

  • Same as above except short-sleeve show shirts are allowed

Jumper Show Attire

  • Polo shirt (navy or white preferred; however, if rider has one the matches their saddle pad and would like to use it, that can be discussed)
  • Tan breeches
  • Black tall show boots or black or brown paddock boots with garters or matching half chaps
  • Helmet (ATSM and SEI Certified): any color, but black is preferred

Here we see HMCE rider proudly displaying her ribbons dressed to impress the judges with trainer, Holly.

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